SS16 - Beauty Edition

2016-03-07 | 20:59:00
SS16 - Beauty Edition
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Jag är inte den som hakar på de mest avancerade och konstnärliga sminktrenderna, utan brukar för det mesta hålla mig till de mer - i min mening - användbara trenderna. Absolut kan en lite crazy sminkning bli otroligt cool och effektfull, men för mig är en naturligare sminkning mer användbar och "mig". Ovan ser ni ett ihopplock av några favoriter samt produkter som kan få hoppa ner i sminkväskan inom en snar framtid. Klicka på bilden för att hitta mer info om produkterna. xx

I'm not the one following the most advanced and artistic makeup trends. I usually go for the more natural trends. Above you'll see some favorites and a few things that I really want. Click on the picture to read more about the products. xx


2016-01-30 | 10:16:00
Good morning guys! ♥
Started the day early today so I could have a quiet and chill morning. On the schedual this weekend I have three birthdays to celebrate. A family friends son is turning 18 today (happy birthday David!) so we are going to celebrate him during the day and later tonight I'm going to a friends 25th birthday party. Then, tomorrow, my cousin is turning 6! Need to buy her something today aswell, always the last minute... xx
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2015-12-27 | 11:10:57
Madeira. The postcard-views on this island is incredible. Welcome to my second home!


2015-11-20 | 21:52:49
These pictures pretty much sums up the summer of 2015. Food, drinks and the beach. It should be like this everyday! Seriously.


2015-11-13 | 10:14:17
A breakfast that has become a standard for me. Juice, boiled eggs on hard rye bread and yogurt with berries.

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2015-11-08 | 22:00:00
Pictures from Pinterest
Something that I really love is green plants. Seriously, how amazing?


2015-11-01 | 08:10:00
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2015-11-01 | 08:00:00
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