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2016-08-06 | 15:04:00
Hi guys! Some of you have been asking what I'm up to and why I'm traveling so much. I'm actually working. Yup, I'm not just traveling around, I'm working my ass off - sort of anyway. Everything went quite fast, but I'm here and I couldn't be happier with my decision.
When I applied for the job, I wasn't sure that I would get it. Would I even get an interview? But I did and I got it.
Then it was time for the next question. Would I take it? I had a great job, an apartment, family and friends. This was a job abroard. I thought to myself - this is a once in a lifetime offer, and I will regret it if I don't take it. So I said yes.
In a month I had quit my job, moved out of the apartment and said goodbye to my friends and family. I was off to Dubrovnik and nothing could stop me. Well, I didn't end up in Dubrovnik for long. They needed me i Pula for a month, but in two weeks I'll be back at my destination until fall comes around and takes me somewhere new!
From now on, I'll promise you a few post per week xx


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